Market Minutes

Wondering what a real estate market looks like in your area? Are prices going up or down? Are houses selling? Get the answers with the Long and Foster market minute.

These colorful two-page reports offered exclusively by the experts of Long and Foster include the information you need to know about the housing market in your area. With the best trained, best equipped real estate professionals. Long and Foster arms you with localized expertise and relevant market data to help you make well informed buying and selling decisions. With the Long and Foster market minute you could quickly learn how many houses have sold in your area as well as trends for selling prices, inventory and more. These reports even provide insight on how much sellers are generally receiving compared to the asking price and how long it typically takes a home to sell in your area allowing you to make an educated buying and selling decision in partnership with your realtor. Get your free copy at the Long and Foster market minute direct from your Long Foster agent that could explain report for you and even more insight into your local market. There are Long and Foster market minute reports from more than 100 counties through-out the mid-atlantic region. Providing data you may not find anywhere else and each county’s report is updated monthly to provide you with the most up to date information when it’s time to make a real estate decision. Get the facts by turning to the company that knows your market best, Long and Foster, and when you’re ready to buy or sell contact your Long and Foster real estate professional to guide you through the training process with confidence every step of the way.

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