Senior Living

Challenges facing seniors today in housing.

The overwhelming preference of older people is to age in place in their own homes and apartments, and most older people are able to do that.

Aging in place can be a safe and successful experience if the physical aspects of a home accommodate a resident’s physical and mental frailties, if the home is affordable, and if residents have easy access to necessary services and activities.

For some older people, changes in their physical, emotional, or mental health, or in their family, social, or financial situations may compromise their ability to continue living where they are. Such changes may persuade an older person to consider relocating to a more supportive living environment.

Whether choosing to age in place . . . or to relocate to another living environment, being an informed consumer-by gathering appropriate information-is critical to making the best housing choice, one that meets a person’s needs and preferences.

When deciding on the senior housing plan that’s right for you, it’s important to consider not only the needs you have now but also those you may have in the future:

  1. Single family homes with a master suite on the first floor, these may be in short supply, but they do exist & we can find them.
  2. 55 & Over – Senior Living Communities are emerging
  3. Elevator town homes are a new option, we can help you find these.
  4. Condominiums are an option for many, there are plenty on the market.
  5. Modify an existing or older home, or add an elevator to an older home, we can help you find an architect for this solution.

If you need to relocate to assisted living, we can help you with finding the right facility, sell your existing home & locate a company who will pack, move & unpack you in your new home. Making the whole process stress free!