Staging Your Home

How to Stage Your Home to Sell for More

Are you listing your home this year? Better call a stager as a National Association of Realtors. According to the NAR’s 2015 profile of home staging, realtors believe that buyers offer between 1 and 5 percent worth for homeless stage. That percentage some realtors believe can be up to 10 percent. Nearly half of surveyed realtors who worked with buyers believed staging has usually has effect on the buyers view of the home. Staging they report, makes an impact by helping buyers visualize the property as their future home and by making buyers more willing to walk through the home they saw online.

Just over a third of realtors on the seller’s side utilize staging on all homes. The majority utilizes staging as a tool in at least some instances. The medium cost spent on staging a home is $675. Realtors on both the buyer and the seller side agreed that the living room is the most important room to stage, followed by the kitchen, master bedroom, dining room and bathroom.

Five Tips to Refresh Your Home

Home improvement doesn’t have to be time consuming and expensive to be effective.

Here are 5 Small Projects that will give your home a new look fast.

First, nothing reinvents a room by fresh paint. A cheap of professional quality by renting your own paint spray to add a neutral color from a maximum decorating options.

Next, replacing dated hardware and faucets to modernize your kitchen. Find knobs and poles that are the same size of the existing one so you don’t have to rip your existing cabinets. Replacing your towel in your bathroom will give you rich modern look. You will need to rent items like a towel strip or a motor mixer to take this project on yourself. Textiles play a major role in decorating. Try new window treatments for instant refresh.

Finally, consider your flooring. Rent a carpet cleaner to refresh rugs or floor standard to refurbish hardwood floors. You don’t need to complete overhaul to create a new look. These smaller projects will dramatically improve your home’s appearance.